The Best Natural Make Up Remover

I just wanted to share with the world a cheap beauty trick. 

For years I have used olive oil as a make-up remover. It's so gentle and manages to get off any waterproof make-up, heavy eyeshadow or eyeliner and clean up every trace of foundation. 
My technique is, was face with a mild soap, to get the first layer(yes, layer) of make-up off, then apply olive oil all over the face, gently massaging it in and then I remove the oil with a cotton pad of paper towel. After I simply use my face wash and/or Clarisonic to thoroughly deep cleanse my skin.
Aside from the fact that it's cheap, the oil manages to gently bind with and remove my make-up and it's especially effective on eye make-up. It doesn't sting or smell, it does not irritate my eye and I never have to scrub, tug or pull to get off any trace of waterproof eyeliner. And, I absolutely love the fact that it's simple and "natural". One less cosmetic item that can irritate and pollute my skin, one more item that can nourish and protect while doing what I need it to do. 
Any oil can be used for this purpose, I have used grapeseed, sunflower and almond, but olive is easier as I always have a good supply of it in my kitchen. I tend to prefer a light oil, so stuff like coconut or castor won't work, I would end up working much harder the wash it off.

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