SUKI Exfoliate Foaming Cleanser

OMG! I just got out of the shower, dried off and rushed to write this review. I had just tried the Suki Exfoliate Foaming Cleanser and I looooove it. Usually, especially with skincare, I tend to wait a while, use it for a few weeks or days, depending on the product before I come to a conclusion, but in this case it was quite easy to make up my mind. I simply stepped out of the shower, after cleansing my face with this stuff and saw my face in the mirror. Glow. That sums it all up.
Ok. Now to go more into detail.... This is not you conventional cleanser. Suki itself is a brand with a whole philosophy behind it, and its products are unique. Like everything else in the brand, this cleanser is clean. and I mean clean. So clean you can eat it. Everything in it is natural, pure and organic. So far so good. I am desperately trying to go as organic and natural as possible, especially when it comes to skincare, and have been very impressed with discovering many "natural beauty products" to be as good or even better than conventional drugstore items.
This time, once again I was more than surprised, I was blown away.
The cleanser comes in a jar pot, nicely sealed and has a texture that reminds me of sugar, but finer. I only needed to scoop out the tiniest amount, put into the palm of my hand and then went ahead and gently distributed the goodness all over my face, in circular motions, you know... typical cleanser routine. The tiny beads quickly dissolved and the cleanser became this foamy goodness. I felt my skin getting clean, but I loved the fact that it didn't feel abrasive.  The cleanser smells very citrusy, fresh, invigorating and after washing and drying it off my skin didn't feel dry or tight, as it usually does. Yet, it managed to do this amazing, subtle exfoliation, my skin looked flushed, pink and glowy, like I have just gotten a facial. I cannot recall ever getting        such results with any cleanser.
Now, aside from the fact that you can pronounce and recognize all the ingredients in this stuff, you'll love the science behind it. The little granules are actually sugar, which performs a manual exfoliation as well as a "chemical" one ( alpha hydroxy acids), along with rice powder, seaweeds and a whole bunch of plant extract and essentials oils among which calendula, chamomile, lavender, lemongrass, orange... What a wonderful synergy!

Bottom line, I really enjoyed using the cleanser. It cleansed, exfoliated and smoothed out my skin without drying it or feeling too abrasive. I will try and do an update a few weeks into my new routine, but so far I think I found a new HG product for my combination/mixed skin.

Check out suki here if you want to learn more about their products, philosophy and concept.
In Mtl, Ki on St Denis carries the entire line.

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