Dr.Hauschka Melissa Day Cream Review

This gem is a relatively new addition to the Dr Hauschka family, and is meant for those of us the have sensitive and/or combination skin. I am happy to see this product join the family as I personally struggled falling in love with their other face creams, which altogh are amazing, prooved to greasy and rich for me (Rose Cream) or too light (moisturiing day cream).The only one that managed to suit my skin was the Quince cream but I did experience some shine throught the day in my T-zone.

Here is the description of Melissa Day cream says:

"Dr.Hauschka Melissa Day Cream has been specially developed to meet the needs of sensitive combination skin conditions. Rich in Lemon balm, combined with other extracts of medicinal herbs to soothe irritable, reddened skin, keep oily zones clear and matte while helping the skin to retain moisture in dry areas, the balancing Melissa Day Cream refines the skin and leaves the complexion soft and even.

Helps sensitive combination skin to regain its healthy balance by stimulating its natural activity
Soothes irritable, reddened skin
Keeps oily zones clear and matte
Retains moisture in dry areas
Refines the skin and leaves the complexion soft and even"

My thoughts about this cream? A God-sent! It manages to hydrate my dry areas while looking matte and balancing out my oily T-zone. It's great under make-up! lLmost primer-like. It hydrates and soothes my skin and keeps it shine free through the day. The moisturiser si infused with all kinds of goodness, that nourishes and calms down any sort of irritation; it has a soft, classic Dr. Hauschka smell; its light and penetrates fast leaving no greasy residue or film behind.

Another thing I love about it is the fact that due to its finish it not only goes well under liquid foundation but also mineral powders. I have always struggled finding a good face cream that manages to hydrate and prep my skin well (as powders tend to be drying on the skin) but manage not to be to greasy or remain suspended on top of my skin (swirling my kabuki often resulted in little clogs of make-up and cream scattered across my face, making it virtually impossible to get an even, flawless application). Due to the finish of this cream I have no problem buffing powders or just sporting a foundation or even a tinted moisturiser as the cream won't compete with the moisturiser integrated in, leaving my glowing like a light bulb by noon.

So, I can safely say I really like this product! Its everything I ever looked for in a face cream. It's natural (bonus points!) and performs wonderfully. My dry areas are moisturised, my T-zone is shine-free, my skin is nourished and my face is primed and prepped for whatever type of foundation I feel like wearing. Big thumbs up and I think I found my HG, for now at least!

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