Giovanni Cosmetics D:tox System Cleanser and Purifying Scrub Review

After discovering Lush's products with charcoal and falling in love with them, I jumped at the opportunity to try more similar products, this time Giovanni's D:tox System Line, which has the same base ingredients and principles, using volcanic ash and charcoal to detoxify skin and "antioxidants" and Goji berries to nourish and support skin health.

Giovanni's D:tox System Purifying Facial Cleanser
With volcanic ash, purifying charcoal, antioxidants and goji berries

The cleanser is a black, glossy, and very runny texture. It doesn't really foam, but rather stays creamy. It washes off easily and manages to gently cleanse the skin, without over-drying it. It doesn't manage to remove make-up residue and has no real cleansing power, but it makes for a good morning face wash.

Giovanni D:tox System Puryfing Facial Scrub
With volcanic ash, purifying charcoal, antioxidants and goji berries

This scrub wasn't what I've expected. The consistency is more like a paste, with very very fine particles, that are supposed to play the scrubbing role. The product not only didn't manage to exfoliate anything, but the texture felt weird and greasy on the skin. Not only did my skin not feel clean, but I had this urge to wash the product off my face as soon as I spread it on the skin. It felt weird and greasy, the particles didn't manage to slough away any dead skin and flakies and my skin felt suffocated. I had to follow with a second cleanser just to get this one off, and wash my face clean.

Overall, this line was disappointing. It definitely didn't satisfy my need or expectation of what a cleanser or scrub should be and do. The cleanser was mediocre, nothing spectacular, very mild and good for a gentle wash; while the scrub didn't do anything for me. Quite frankly it was a waste of money, as I can't seem bring myself to finish it. I dread using it.

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