Alba Botanica Sunscreens Review

I love the sun, I love summer and I love Alba Botanica's Sunscreens.
We all know by now how important it is to practice "safe sun", but how many know the importance of choosing a natural sunscreen? For more information go here.

Well, my choice of sunscreen for this year was Alba Botanica, and here is why:

Sunscreen Lotion - Sport SPF 45
I love the texture of this one. When they say it's very emollient they don't kid. The texture is creamy, it spreads easily and although it may start off as white, it quickly dissolves onto the skin, with no marks left behind. I love the fact that this product has somewhat of a dry finish, you can apply it and get dressed without worrying about staining your clothes. It's not greasy, yet it manages to be hydrating. I use it both on my body and my face.
This has to be my favourite natural sunscreen so far. I believe due to the fact that natural companies use physical sunscreen (much healthier) it can be a struggle managing to get a product that works well and doesn't stay white on the skin. That is why they must add so many emollient agents, making the final product extremely greasy...
Well, I don't know what Alba did, but this product is neither white-looking, nor oily. It's just right!

Sunscreen Lotion - Facial SPF 30

This product is tad richer than the above mentioned one. It hydrates well and feels heavier on the skin. It doesn't feel greasy, however, it can be spread with more ease, and doesn't look white on the skin. In fact it "melts" better, making it probably a better choice for the face (photos and such).

Overall, I love these sunscreens and together we'll have a blast this summer.

If you want to learn more about natural and safe sunscreens go here. Alba is very well listed, and for good reason.

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