Shikai Borage Dry Skin Therapy Hand Cream

This cream has a light texture and virtually no smell. My skin slurps this stuff up and it manages to smooth out roughh patches and hydrate my skin without leaving any residue behind! None at all. When I was introduced to this cream, I was explained that the borage helps to actually increase circulation in the skin. Here's what they say on their webiste: "Borage oil, extracted from the seeds of the borage plant, is a natural source of gamma-Linolenic Acid (GLA), an importantOMEGA-6 fatty acid which is required for healthy skin cell membranes. Without sufficient GLA, cells can't retain enough moisture. This can result in dry skin and other chronic skin problems.
Borage oil penetrates deep, delivering GLA and its benefits directly to the cells. As a result, skin retains more moisture and is healthier."
Pretty cool huh? 

Overall this is a great hand cream to carry around with you. It's easy to apply and penetrates so easily into the skin leaving it smooth and soft. Using it long term has great benefits also, so... thumbs up. I just wish it has some sort of smell, I enjoy essential oils and smells in general and the lack of fragrance in this product makes me not want to reach for it as much. I know in the States they have fragrance versions, and I cannot wait to try them, as I already love the product itself.

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