Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Evolution of Smooth Lip Balm Review

I discovered this cult favourite this winter only, and I am happy to report that I now understand why this product is so popular.

 Aside from its cute packaging, the amazing smells, the natural and organic ingredients, this lip balm wowed me with its uniqueness. I love the finish of it. While I have countless natural lip-balms in my stash I have never been able to find a lip-balm that manages to moisturise my lips without leaving and oily film or residue behind. I don't know what kind of magic they use, but they managed to make all those oils and butters look satiny on my lips. It really feels (and looks!) like I am wearing nothing when I apply this stuff.
My favourite use for the Sphere is as a lip primer. We all know how difficult some lipsticks can be, especially the matte or even satin finish ones. They can be a pain to apply and the lips feel parched through the day. Lip-balm application prior or after the lipstick can alter the final outcome, which kinda defies the purpose of the lipstick. Well, my friends, try the Sphere. This baby deposits the right amount of moisture to the lip, but it doesn't have that greasy, oily residue film, allowing the lipstick to keep its original finish. Genius!
Now I need to hunt down all the flavours. I am hooked!


  1. ARGH Now I want to try them too! I've heard mixed reviews about these but I alwaus prefer to test a product by myself. Now, which flavor to get? Hmmm...

  2. HA! that is the hardest part! They are good, like I said, they aren't as moisturising but to me they are the ideal lipbalm to wear under a lipstick for example.

  3. If only they were moisturizing :( They should make blushes like this haha ! Check out my review on these :) http://iqsays.blogspot.com/