Bebezen, Natural Care for Babies and The Whole Family

I was introduced to this Bebezen a while back, and although the products are targeted towards babies, I was more than keen on trying them out. I mean, if they`re good enough for the little ones, they must be good enough for me as well. If you have been reading my blog, you can see that I am very attracted to clean cosmetics and skincare. God knows I love my make-up, but whatever I put directly on my skin has to be clean. More and more people are starting to make smart, healthy choices in our day to day life from food, our homes,our general lifestyle to body-care. Makes sense.
So, who`s Bebezen and what makes them special?
One of the reasons I love the natural health industry is that so many companies have a story. Bebezen is no different. The line was founded by two parents, that wanted to create a clean baby line, motivated mainly by one of their son`s allergies. This started Bebezen, priding themselves with organic, natural ingredients. The products are free of fragrance, parabens, phtalates, PEG  and SLS, as well as being environmentally friendly and not tested on animals. Impressive. A simple look at the ingredient list will confirm how nice and clean the products are, and they happen to be amazing.

Although I don't exactly fit the description of a baby, I like these gentle, natural products; my philosophy for years has been: if it's gentle and good enough for babies, then it must me good enough for me. Here's a couple of my faves from the brand.

Bubble Bath
Yields a nice foam, my skin loves it. You get that clean feeling without the dryness. A very gentle product, great for sensitive skin.

Massage Gel
Made with nourishing kukui oil, lavender and chamomile, this is not only great for massage but awesome to nourish sensitive and/or dry skin.

Hair and Body Cleansing Gel
Awesome, gentle bodywash, my skin never feels stripped after using it; doubles as a great shaving cream btw.

Here's More products from the line...

You can find the line at these retailers.

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