NYX Jumbo Pencils

There is so much talk about these... Multi-use eye pencils, that glide on easily, come in a great variety of colours and are supposed to last forever. Some use them as primers, under regular eyeshadows, while some simply use them as a cream eyeshadow or pigmented liner. The pencils are quite inexpensive, which makes them that much more fun and appealing. 
While they do sound amazing and everybody seems to love them, I have a different opinion. The colours are indeed fun, they texture is awesome and the pigmentation is insane, especially for a drugstore brand. I can honestly say that when swatched they are much more opaque and intensely coloured they many other high end cream shadows. When applied, although the pencil is chunky, it can be applied quite easily and precisely with the help of a brush, and once again they go on easier and more vibrant than many of its high end counterparts. The colour range is great! So many fun colour to choose from!
Now, the cons: I cannot trust these pencils. They don't perform. They don't last. It kinda sucks to see halfway through my day that all the hard work of building a beautiful eye look has gone to waste. The colours disperse, sort of crack and dry out throughout the day. They loose their intensity and vibrancy and turn into this pathetic looking paste, all cracked out and creased all over my eyelid. Such a shame!
For that reason alone I cannot trust or recommend these pencils. But then again, that is my own experience, there are plenty of people out there that swear by them and seem very happy with the results.
Thoughts, opinions?

In Montreal you can find NYX at Uniprix and some Jean Coutus.
Here are a few locations I found that carry the brand:

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