Zuii Foundation Review

I have swatched and played around with Zuii's certified organic Mineral Liquid Foundations, before was never brave enough to ditch my usual, safe routine and actually try these out properly and asses them, until now. I have been wearing it for over a week now and played around with different application techniques and was able to form an opinion on the performance, wear and look of this product.
I have said it before, I find Zuii to have raised the bar for natural and organic make-up. I am all for going natural but many times I have had a lot of difficulty finding a good product, comparable to "regular" make-up brands. Foundation, especially is a very delicate matter for me. I have so many expectations and high standards that it can be very difficult to find one that pleases me. Zuii foundations have a fairly good range of colours, or, better said shades. They are all light, but they do have different undertones to them, making them easier to match and more accessible to women with different complexions (ie: yellow, pink or neutral).
I am a Mac NC-20 and found Natural Fair to suit me quite well, although I did mix and match a few shades to alter results or contour and highlight, I am quite happy with my shade match.
The formula is a dense cream, fairly pigmented, slightly scented (a soft floral scent) that scared me at first, being so thick compared to mainstream foundations. It blends nicely however, and smooths out, blending into the skin with easy and offering medium coverage. I have had a bit of a trouble with application especially in the beginning, as I had to adjust to the formula and texture, I did have a hard time blending it nicely into the skin without streak marks left from my foundation brush, but now I simply use short strokes and the problem is fixed. I have tried using a flat top brush, such as the Sonia Kashuk one, and tried stippling it rather than brushing it on and that worked well too, it just takes a while longer, as the brush is small.
The finish is quite matte, and coverage is medium. I wouldn't describe it as a light foundation, as it is dense in texture, but manages to look light and natural on the face, I actually keep getting compliments on my complexion and a few women couldn't believe I was wearing any make-up at all. Really? I haven't gotten that in a while, especially not with my other products.
It lasts well through the day. I use dr Haushka Melissa Day cream as a base, and this on its one can prep and mattify my skin. I have tried the foundation with a richer cream as a base and noticed more shine.However, the foundation lasts well through the day, I just might need minor touch-ups on blemishes or problem areas. Also, oxidation was not an issue and it stays true to colour.
At the end of the day this foundation washes off easily, leaves little to no residue and so far haven't noticed any clogged pores or any type of reaction whatsoever.
Overall this foundation is good, and if you consider the fact that it's natural and organic, it's even better.
Decent coverage and good performance, all, while nourishing and protecting your skin. Now that's my kind of product. Thumbs up Zuii. Perhaps in the future they can broaden the range of the product, and make the formula more malleable.  Its not my favourite foundation but like I have said before it is by far the best natural foundation I have tried so far...
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