Les Produits Genevieve: Decadent, Natural Bath and Body Products from Montreal

Les Produits Genevieve is a Montreal based Bath and Body Product Company, whose products are handcrafted using natural ingredients and essential oils. Local, natural beauty products? Right up my alley!
I got to try a few products and here's what I thought of them.

Tea Tree and Spearmint Foot Paste Lotion

I absolutely loved this foot paste. It's creamy, rich and smells divine. I was never fond of foot creams as I found most to be sticky and slippery. They would leave this yucky annoying residue on my toes and I would feel greasy all the time. I put this lotion on my feet, slip on some socks and by the time I wake up in the morning my feet are incredibly soft, the cream penetrates really well into the skin and leaves no yucky residue behind. I love the fresh peppermint smell.

Lemon Meringue Lotion
This body lotion is rich and smells like lemon custard. It feels really luxurious and hearty and moisturizes exceptionally well. Due to its hydrating properties, I like to use it in really dry areas, such as my legs, knees and elbows. I am not a lotion kinda gal, but I really enjoy how supple my skin feel after I apply this lotion. It also has become a new favorite after an intense session of exfoliation, my God it feels amazing to slather it on, from head to toe. Aaaah! It doesn`t feel sticky and I am at ease with the fact that it`s natural. While I am not 100% natural in make-up, I am very particular about what comes in direct contact with my skin. I need all my skincare products to be clean, in order to feel comfortable with them.

Lip Balm
As much as I have loved the products, the lipbalm disappointed me. The packaging is bizarre, the sticker covered the little roller and I had to cut it in order to be able to roll the product up. The texture was gritty and I didn`t find it to be moisturizing. I am quite picky about my lip balms and I didn`t find this one to be up to my expectations.

Overall, Les Produits Genevieve impressed me. The foot cream and body lotion were truly beautiful products. They perform, feel good, look good, smell good and I feel more than comfortable with their ingredient list. Ah I wish they made that Lemon Meringue Lotion in a gallon packaging. I have a feeling it's gonna be my new best friend this winter.
Go check them out here.

*disclaimer: These products have been sent to me for consideration. This does not in any way influence my opinion and/or reviews.

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