Logona Lipstick Review in No 06 and Logona Giveaway

Logona is clean, natural line of make-up and over the past couple of months I got to try out and play with some of their products, one of them being their lipsticks.

                                                                 No 06 Swatched

The formula of this lipstick was... interesting. Application wasn't a breeze, let me tell you that. It took a bit of work applying the product, getting it to slide across the lip and filling it in. For some reason, as moisturizing as it felt, it is quite hard to distribute the product evenly. Once you work it, and the formula manages to warm up a little bit, the lipstick slides across the lips with ease.The colour feels quite comfortable (a bit on the dry side) on the lips and the colour payoff is decent. No, these are not fancy fashion colours, but for those of you who are looking for an alternative to conventional cosmetics these products can be interesting.
Personally, I am not appealed to their colours, as they seem more um, "traditional" and the formula is not my favourite. However, it looked good and shiny on the lips.

Since I have received 3 colours, I am putting the two I didn't swatch up for grabs. Give someone else a chance to try them and see how they like them. I am also adding two eye pencils (grey and turquoise) and a lip-pencil (sort of a creamy lipstick in pencil form).

I had only opened the products for picture purposes.

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